Police Stops a Mercedes SLS AMG While Speeding!!

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After the famous matte pink Lamborghini LP670-4 SV, another arab supercar had some trouble with the London’s Police. This time a matte white Mercedes SLS AMG did some brutal revs and a massive acceleration for us, he was driving in this way all night long. After a walk around the area i saw the SLS stopped by police probably because he was keep speeding in the city centre. I don’t know then if the driver got just a fine or the car was impounded, he remained there with the police officers for a long time.

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50 comments on “Police Stops a Mercedes SLS AMG While Speeding!!

  1. I don't know how/why you would let yourself get pulled over by a BMW lol. That mercades could destroy any police car out there.

  2. help help an arab man just shot my wife!!! "did you get his plates?" Yes it was sqwiggly line, some more sqwiggly lines and a v74?

  3. I couldn't even get myself a credit card, hardly even a SLS, due to the fact I'm 12 years old. But, I adore the SLS and I would choose a SLS than a Veyron.

  4. Yeah-yeah… the world is black + white. Obviously not. They have long invested in major stakes of western industries, e.g. the largest shareholders of Mercedes are the Arabs, but they buy themselves into a good spot everywhere. By the time the oil dries up, chances are you will be working for them quite literally…

    So many jealous people here… I have a clue for you: The SLS will soon dip under the 100K Euro price 2nd hand — so if you badly want one, you can get one soon. Some of you 🙂

  5. Dude 99.9% chance you are right. But I wasn't saying he did. I was saying that ripping the piss out of people and being jealous and hating doesn't get anyone anywhere. Instead focus on getting what you want (by you in mean any person, not you personally).

  6. Again you are making a great point that is not valid. If I was discussing the merits of the driver then your point would be welcome. That is a separate discussion. Though one of my best friends who grew up in Qatar works his arse off and has just bought a Porsche GT3 so I wouldn't be too quick to make snap judgements. So to clarify, I didn't refer to the virtues the Arab person has. We do not know the Arab. Fact. But I know what the racist guy said so I can impart my views there with validity.

  7. I know you were talking specifically about the person who made the racist comments.

    But that doesn't negate the fact the owner of the SLS did not follow the virtues you preach, even though you used it as an example.

  8. You need to take more care that your responses are accurate to the original comment. Talking about going for his own goals was to the ignorant racist that made the comments. I never stated that the Arab had achieved the wealth himself. I stated that it is weak to slate someone because you can't do what they do… IE drive a great car. Looking at why someone 'has' or hating on someone is a negative approach and will never lead to character nor true success. Your points are valid but misplaced.

  9. In seriousness, you think "this guy went after his own goals" as you like to put it?

    How is being born into/stumbled upon/grandfathered into wealth from royalties of oil/natural resources going after your own goals?

    It's no different than someone winning the lottery.

  10. I reckon you own a Chevrolet or GMC, which is an American car, and you tell shit about them White people? Tell me, What big things have you Arabs have accomplished than spending your oil money into mall-large houses in each cities and supercars that you just drive around cities to show to other people that you're filthy rich? Damn, I think you're the stupidest race I've ever seen (excuse me for those Arabians that are simple and not selfish).

  11. Arabs are rich because of their oil, Once that finishes and they don't find something else to do, they would be bankrupted and losing each supercars they own. I'll tell you something, they're fishy guys.

  12. I wouldnt wanna be arab right now. I imagine alot of people mistrust them right now. Im fairly certain they recieve alot of negative attention and attitude because of terroist's.. But i would still like that car 🙂

  13. busta119 jealous why should i got a nice car two BMW 3 last model 2012
    no M3 but i got a nice wife good house im happy i don't think i need to be jealous
    even if you give me 20 mil euros not even 1 day i wanna live like you guys on lifestyle no thanks

  14. you guys arabs think you are everything no women want poeple like you only trash its just dope money you never get a house only cars thats all that matters and for what showing around never get girls haha you suck

  15. When ever white people see a Arab or a sign of Arabs they freak the fuck out n start hating there ass of LMAO fucking dum people ur just mad cuz we got everything n u got nothing other then your big ass mouth

  16. Originally these cars were made for MEN!!!! who appreciated the work put into building Automobiles such as these Exotics MEN!!! who would take these Exotics out for a run with their SON!! or GRANDSON!! on a Beautiful Sunday afternoon somewhere on the Country side, but all I seem to see are BOYS!!!!! driving around a crowded City looking to run into the back of someones car makes no sense to me. SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I´m fucking tired of : Police stops a ´´ exotic car brand´´.
    So fucking what?
    It´s the same thing as pulling over a fucking Lada,so get over it.
    It´s just metal,probably driven by a stupid fucking male chauvinist arab.

    Can´t you fucking see that with this kind of things you´re just making the rich and pompous idiots feel even better?

    Illiterate bastards.
    One day,when people will wake up from this nightmare,my car will run ELECTRIC and FREE. Then let´s see this hoity-toity morons driving this

  18. That guy from Qatar is in a whole lot of trouble but worse is that the mercedes is going to be locked up.

  19. Those arab guys , do take their cars to Dubai , only to register them , and then bring them back to London?

  20. lol i bet you couldnt…. not even with a bugatti or a rolls royce. dont be mad because youll never be able to even touch an sls amg.

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