Mercedes Window Regulator Replacement (Rear E320)

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We’re here with Mike from M&M Motors in Clinton, Connecticut to walk you through a window regulator replacement on an E320 Mercedes.

Mercedes Window Regulator (E300 E320 E420 E430 E55 AMG) — Meyle 2107301546MY
Rear Left

Mercedes Window Regulator (E300 E320 E420 E430 E55 AMG) — Meyle 2107301646MY
Rear Right

Mercedes Window Regulator Rivet — Genuine Mercedes 0039902497

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49 comments on “Mercedes Window Regulator Replacement (Rear E320)

  1. Great video, helped a lot…however….., for those who have an SRS air bag, there is another screw under the SRS plastic… Because of this vid, I broke the door panel where the SRS plastic is. In the end I manufactured a piece of metal that I glue gunned into the position where the door panel had broken. I think that my fix was even stronger, but I was lucky to have a fitting piece that I could work with. Also, on the inside of the door panel are two pieces that are glued onto the panel. One tore off! I used it as a tool to get the fastener out and then glue gunned it back on. The fasteners for those glued on pieces are smaller than the rest and to get the one that was till stuck in the door out, I needed to run a utility knife under it as I had suctioned itself onto the door. Then lift it out with a pry tool or use the plastic that the fastener goes into as a tool to pull it out. Doing so worked well. Last but not least, to drill the rivets out, I found that an oversized drill bit worked well. When it gets close to the door a rivet ring came off each and every time. Only the tip of the drill made contact at the center when that happened so the door was never touched by the drill. Good luck!

  2. very nice job. you are a great teacher wish everyone had the ability to do such a great job in explaining things.

  3. Mike, Thank you SO MUCH for making this video. It was all a mystery to me last year when the window regulator broke on my wife's 2002 E320 wagon, so I had a local independent shop do it. I don't recall the price, but it wasn't cheap! Well, the same regulator went out this week on my 2000 E430. I did some research and (thankfully) yours was the first video I found. Very well done!

    I got the disassembly done fine, thanks to you, and I am waiting for the new window regulator assembly to come from FCP. I'm not too worried about putting it back together, as I am sure I will watch your video again during that adventure!

    One thing I will add, I had one more screw holding the door panel on, located under the air bag tab on the door.

    Also, I would like to warn folks to not let the window go all the way down after you remove the regulator. If it does, it comes out of its front and rear tracks, and can be quite a challenge getting it back in. This actually took me more time to do than the whole disassembly procedure. Mostly because I had to do it two or three times!

    Since I have to wait a few days for the new part, I fabricated a piece of wood to hold the window in the all-the-way-up position until that time. It was around 21" long. A shorter block would not be a bad idea while swapping parts, just to keep this from happening.

  4. I suggest while you have that open and if you replaced the regulator this is a good time to put some lube on it. Save a lot of head aches down the road. 😀

  5. I have todo this about every nine months on either one of the rear windows of my 01 E55. The last regulator I bought from you guys with the lifetime warranty, so have my fingers crossed it will last this time lol as the $20 eBay ones are complete trash!

  6. Used this video for both rear regulators, good video, another thing is there is an additional screw behind the airbag badge on the door panel for models with airbags in the door

  7. Many thanks Mike! probably about $2000.00  worth of training and experience provided for gratis! Much obliged and hope your biz prospers as a result!

  8. Great video.  Thanks.   One thing I would remind some people who might be as distracted and busy as I am, is to be careful ordering a replacement motor online.  I ordered one from Auto Zone that the website said "Fits Your Vehicle"  and found that the electrical connector was the wrong one.  I could have scrutinized the photo and seen the different connectors, but I was in a hurry.  A warning that "fits your vehicle" means " fits some configurations of your vehicle" would have been helpful.  Being in a hurry can slow you down.   Just thought I might save someone from the same fate.

  9. Great video! Thank you. My right rear regulator just broke on my 2002 E320 Wagon. Will the other three regulators start breaking now? Or is the right rear especially prone to breaking? Why?

  10. Could you guys possibly make a video on replacing the W209 rear window regulators.. I love your content and you guys got the best customer service. I've spoken highly about your website to my fellow friends !!

  11. This is the standard that all how-to videos should be based on. Thanks FCP and Mike Omeragic. Clear, concise and the little extra tips so you dont screw anything up during the job.

  12. Hi and thank you for this video.  I have a 2001 E320, and with the help of your video I removed the panel and am now rewatching to ensure I can do this.  Do I  need a special tool/socket to remove the motor from the regulator? At 4:43 you say something like "a torks 30".  What is that, and where do I fine one?  Thanks again.

  13. Excellent explicit how-to, thanks for posting. It took about 3 hours for me, first timer. NOTE — our 2001 model (wagon) had a major panel anchor screw under the small SRS tab (side airbag). That little SRS nameplate tab will pull straight out to gain access to the screw — too late for me as I broke the larger plastic housing on mine tugging on the door cover not realizing it was there, but will help someone else to know it's attached if you have the airbags.

  14. Thank you for taking the time to make and then posting such a great video. I watched it twice and did the job myself without any issues at all.

  15. I have a 2006 c230 Sport Mercedes that I'll be changing out both the motor and the actuator on the right front passenger side door. Do you think I absolutely have to disconnect the battery from your experience before doing this type of job?

  16. Gonna try to attempt this this Saturday, wish me luck! 4 hours of labor estimated,
    not to bad compared to changing the convertible top. Now THAT's tough, the hardest imo. Trust me, the convertible top is the most outrageous and toughest thing I've ever done. What a pain in the ass that was. 22 hours it took. Why am I ranting lol, just shows you how scarred I am from this. Mercedes wanted $9000 to do the top so that's why I did it myself.

  17. Dear FCP,

    I have Mercedes Benz W210-1999. Kindly guide me what tools I need to replace my Right- Rear Window's Regulator. Prompt response will be appreciated.


  18. This was an awesome video! Thanks, Mike, for putting this together and including all the details for us to a good job. My 17 year old son and I spent some quality time completing this repair on a newly acquired 97 E320. I have a couple suggestions. The plastic clips that hold the panel in the door should be removed from the door prior to re-assembly. We had a couple of the clip surfaces separate from the door panel. We re-affixed them with a construction adhesive (allowed to dry), then put the clips right into the door panel. So when it came time to put it back on, we just pushed them in the holes, versus having to align and slide them in. If you have a good trick as to how you get them out of the door frame, that would be great!

  19. My window is at the bottom of my door, and I am having a hard time of putting it to the point of lifting it through the window slot. Do you have any suggestion? The window I am referring to is the rear right. Thanks

  20. Thank you so much. I used this video a couple of years ago when my rear right window went out on my '99 E320 wagon (one of the pulleys had broken). I ordered a Dorman replacement, and it worked like a charm. I'm using the video again today for the rear left window. This time, it appears that the cable retainer broke (like in the video).
    Please note that Dorman says the 702-013 "window hardware regulator kit" (separate product than the regulator) will fit my car, but all of the rivets were too big and I didn't want to drill out my holes. I sent it back and used the cheaper rivets that came with my tool.

  21. how do you get the little light out of the door handle and how do you get the hook back on the door release?

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